Pre-Fatherhood Crisis

I don’t really know what else to call it. It’s not a mid-life crisis because it’s a little too early for that and there is no red convertible in my driveway. BUT my husband/father-to-be took up skateboarding last month at the age of 27. I came home from work one day to super suave (aka giddy) Andrew asking me “so….. ya wanna watch me skateboard?” Confused I said yes and he pulls out his brand new skateboard (what?) and rides around the pond behind our house. He says he’s always wanted to skateboard and there is no time like now. Can’t argue with that. My theory…. trying to stay young and hip as we await our first child! Either way I have to admit…. he’s pretty hot on a skateboard, even at 27!

He took he new skateboard with us when we went to Fort Worth last month for a graduation. Partly to skateboard with Wesley, our nephew, and partly in case he had some down time…. wow!


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