Happy Easter!

Thanks to Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice! It is because of him we are alive and forgiven and able to spend eternity with him in Heaven! I hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter weekend.

The time had come for us to travel to Texas for some family time so Andrew and I flew to Austin to spend Easter with my family on Lake LBJ. Shame on me, I haven’t been to grandpa’s house since I have been married! After spending the weekend there, I can’t figure out why it has taken me so long to come visit! I love spending time with grandpa and time on the lake. There is something about the warm breeze, the sound of wave runners on the lake, the word “YALL” used often and heavily that you just don’t get in Colorado. Tanner brought his besties, Larry and Bryan. Jeff came too. It was so fun hanging out with my family and some fun dudes.

The Trio In Water

The Trio On Land

Marley and T


Wanna-be brothers


I have gone on an Easter Egg Hunt every Easter I have spent with my parents. This year was no different, well yes it was different actually. In honor of the boys we went on a shooter hunt. There were little shots of alcohol hidden everywhere in the yard. Of course, Tanner won. Very clever Dad, very clever.Thanks for such a fun weekend family! Grandpa, mom and dad – you are all so nice to take such good care of us. HAPPY EASTER!


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