The Squirrel Watcher

In honor of the puppy dog whose existence partially inspired this blog and who I don’t say home with, I thought I would give a little shout out. Kona Bean is the least protective dog I have ever met. When the door bell rings she flutters her tail. When someone enters the house she wags her tail without bothering to get up. When we say “go get ’em Kona!” she turns around and looks at us like “why?” Not necessarily lazy – just uninterested and without protective instincts. We have discovered, in the past month or so, one thing that gets her rialed up. After 3.5 years of life, she finally finds the need to chase all the squirrels out of our backyard. At first, I got WAY TOO excited, thinking this was the beginning of my scary looking dog taking on the role of protector. I started having glorious visions of big scary barks and growls at door-to-door sales men. After watching her (and her new friend the squirrel) this afternoon I realize this is a game her and the squirrel play for hours upon end to make the day pass by. Kona runs and barks at squirrel, squirrel climbs the tree and flutters his tail lower and lower as Kona stares without breaking her gaze. It’s actually an endearing game played almost daily between two unlikely friends. Maybe next year she will find those protective instincts.


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