A Little Town Called….Assssspen

This weekend my dear friends from high school, Wes and Christen, flew to Aspen with Cindy and Bryan for a spring skiing weekend. We jumped at the chance to hang out with them in one of the most incredible mountain towns of all time! Although I didn’t ski (blamed it on being pregnant but in reality I just could forgo $100+ for a day of slush skiing), I had a really nice time.

Friday night we played games in the gorgeous home we stayed in all night! They went to Snowmass Saturday so Andrew (who wouldn’t buy a pass either) and I hung out in the cute village all afternoon soaking in the mountain sun.

Saturday night we went out on the town and thankfully the girls came prepared with ‘going out garb’ because I packed for a rugged mountain town, not Aspen (silly me). They dressed me up and did my makeup – I love ex-Mac girls!

Sunday was the laziest day I’ve had in a long time. A spring storm rolled in and started dumping snow early morning. Since Andrew and I couldn’t enjoy the sunshine at Snowmass, we decided to watch movies and take naps all morning…. ahhhhh! When the crew got back from an epic day of skiing (over a foot of fresh power!) we made dinner and played more games = hilarious!

I so love these people and can’t wait until they come back next year so I can ski with them!


One thought on “A Little Town Called….Assssspen

  1. Looks like fun! I've seen some good deals on my Air Fare Watchdog, but they're always for the THAT weekend coming up, and it hasn't matched up to a weekend I have open. Hopefully soon though!
    Maybe I'm just a summertime CO girl!


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