The Skinny On Baby A

The official announcement has been made and the first trimester is complete! I am in the 13th week and the little dude is the size of a medium shrimp. He/She is due September 26th (4 days before my birthday). We found out at the end of January via plastic stick with a plus sign on it. We weren’t trying but we weren’t not trying (obviously) and now that the time is here…. we couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing how so much has already changed, starting the weekend we found out. The past few months have already flown by (a hint at whats to come I am sure).

The first trimester was pretty nice to me. I never got really sick or too nauseous to work. Tired, YES! There were several time I thought I might just pass out in the middle of a sentence. Now that I am in the second trimester “the golden trimester”, I feel wonderful!

The only weird part of the second trimester is this whole ‘fat phase‘ I am entering. In my pregnancy ignorance, I thought you would go from flat stomach to cute baby bump instantly. Nope, there is a long fat phase where clothes are getting tighter but not tight enough to jump into maternity land. Your your stomach looks like it’s been consuming Mexican food non-stop for weeks with no exercise. This phase I am already looking forward to getting past. Don’t get me wrong, I love the changes in my body and seeing this little person grow but come on! Hurry and turn into the bump I know you can and will!

Here are some baby bump (or baby bump to be) pictures from the past 3 weeks.


5 thoughts on “The Skinny On Baby A

  1. Ummm, so CONGRATS! you were so preggo when i saw you 😉 i love that your “bump” looks like me when i am not pregnant! you are so cute and i am really excited for you both! what a blessed little kiddo to have you as a mommy 🙂


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