Skiing From California To Nevada

FINALLLLLLLLY!!!!! We woke up early today with great news! The mountain is open!!! After 2 whole days of not skiing, we finally get to go!!!!! We were about the the 50th people in line (really good spot) at the gondola. After talking with local upon local we dropped off the gondola and went for it. Freshy fresh fresh powder in Heavenly. Ahhhh. First run was incredible, there was so much powder we both got stuck! After a few wrong turns, talking with more locals, we finally found a few spots we loved. Powder runs! Man, did I get tired fast!

It was SO SO SO cold. The news and locals were all making a huge fuss of -5 and we thought “really?” -5 isn’t that bad! It must be a more humid cold here though because it was almost too much for this ski lover to handle! The sun came out around lunch and the from there, it was perfect skiing conditions.

Man, I think I am the fastest skiing in California! Every groomer I went down, I would fly past everyone! It then became a game I was playing that I seem to win every time. I kept thinking “am I speeding?, are there speed limits? do they all see something in the snow that I don’t?”. I think Coloradans just ski faster. When we’re at home, its really common that people are waiting on me! This is a kinda fun role reversal!

I took a few more runs and took a split for the hotel. Andrew kept going to see some of the extreme terrain before he called it a day.

Andrew and I have been talking with as many local Heavenly riders as we can. We love to hear it from them… most fun ski runs, best apri ski, must visit resturants, etc. It’s been so fun being in someone else’s ski territory. The lingo we have already picked up is so fun. I am sure we have these same ‘phrases’ in Colorado, but I couldn’t even come up with a list b/c it’s part of my vocabulary now.

Here are a few Lake Tahoe must knows….

  • Ridgeline – top of the mountain run, wraps around the mountain. Slow run but never a dull view.
  • Sierra Cement – when powder has been around a few days and the sun has come out, turns into cement apparently
  • Junuary – when there is no or little snow in January and temps stay in the 40s-60s.
  • Fire-gate – ‘out of bounds’ area on the front side of the mountain. You must know you way down and expect to come out on a road and hitch hike or walk back to the gondola.
  • Nevada Woods (aka: WP, aka: Western Perimeter) – best trees runs at Heavenly
  • Nevada Side/California Side – how cool this ski resort spans over 2 states! Easy to tell people where you are “Nevada side yo!”
  • Moisture Content– In Colorado we only talk about moisture level in power is for some odd reason it’s really wet and heavy. Here, that’s usually the case so they are always talking about ‘moisture content’ in snow to find out how good the riding will be.

This evening was my favorite part of the trip so far! A dinner cruise with my hubby! We boarded the Tahoe queen around six and were welcomed with appetizers, drink, and an incredible view of the sun setting over the lake. The fed us an incredible prime rib dinner and entertained us with live music and dancing. We even got to go up and drip the boat! What a fun evening of flirting with my husband of almost 4 years!

Andrew and the captain, Augustine


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