The Quilt

Almost 4 years ago, we received one of the most amazing wedding gifts. Andrew’s grandma, Ali, gave us one of her quilts. Not just any quilt, THE QUILT. She told us the news at our wedding and then I never saw the quilt again (slight exaggeration). She toured Texas with the quilt, picking up every blue ribbon at every quilt shows possible. More than 3 years later, I really thought she might have forgotten she gave it to us! This Christmas, thankfully, I was proven wrong. Ali put the prize winner in our hands! We have been talking for over a month now about what we are going to do with this important piece of artwork. Finally, this week Andrew made a contraption to hang it on (pretty creative) and it’s in our new blue room! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Ali. Its gorgeous and the perfect piece for our home. I love having a part of you in the front room of our house!


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