Spring Weekend in January

70 degree on January 28th in Denver! I love this state. It’s now Monday, 19 degrees and snowing. ?????
Ashley and Stephen got here Friday afternoon and since the weather was so warm we were able to sit our on the deck in shorts! Our evening took us to Boulder for happy hour at the Med and dessert at Salt. Pretty predictable on our part but how can we go anywhere else??? Man, we ran into some rude rude Boulderites. I have always known the stereotype of snooty Boulders but hadn’t even first hand experienced it. It was wild that we ran into 3 different ladies at the Med who all clearly thought and acted as if they were far superior to us. One lady told me I could borrow the balsamic vinegar from her table (ours didn’t have any) because she needed it (no food in front of her) and I can clearly ask my waitress for my own. Wow. I am glad we all have the capability to laugh the rude off.
Anyways, our Saturday was even more fun with a sleep in, trip to Keystone, great spring day of skiing, and evening in Silverthorn. We made dinner at the incredible condo we rented and played Balderdash all evening long. Hilarious and so fun!

Boys Cooking…..

Girls Relaxing…


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