Ashley’s Bachlorette Party

It feels like it was yesterday that Ashley and I were baking cookies in my kitchen, headed to the mountains for a typical ski weekend or off to a local winery for the afternoon. She now lives in Houston and is getting married to the love of her life. Last weekend a bunch of Ashley-lovers met up in San Antonio for some girl time to wish her well! We rented an incredible room at The Hyatt and spent the afternoon sunbathing. Our evening was consumed by drinking, eating, and playing games. Love you Ashley. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND STEPHEN!

Of course the weather was perfect and we spent all afternoon in our bathing suits. Man, I miss Texas!

Isn’t this the cutest wine bottle? Ashley and Lauren were arguing over which ‘sister’ on the bottle most resembled them…

Ashley… so excited about every gift she opened

The rest of us… laughing all night with no so much as a chance to catch our breath.


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