K Chap

Kevin came to visit! He came solo, although he was supposed to bring his sweet gf who we’ve never met (she had to work). It’s autumn in full force here so we just lazed around all weekend. We watched the Rangers win Friday night (normally my enemy but I’ll cheer em on at this point). Saturday we toured Avery Brewery in Boulder. Avery is a microbrewery well known in Colorado for their unique craft beers. The tour took less than an hour but I think it was the most educational brewery tour we’ve ever taken.

Amalia fell in love with the Rumpkin Beer….

The sun came out and warmed everything up after the tour so we took Kev to Pearl Street for a little taste of hippy. He profoundly named Pearl Street, Rodeo Drive meets 6th Street.

Boulder is gorgeous in the fall!

We made the most delicious steak and tater dinner when we got home, battled on the wii, and soaked in the hottub. Sunday = church and football. What a yummy fall weekend! Come back soon and bring your girl!


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