D Bar

I turned 27 this week. Honestly, the word ‘old’ has come to mind a few times. I realize I’m NOT old but 27 is getting pretty darn close to 30……. just so ya know. All-in-all I am feeling great at 27. Happily married, incredible friends and family, loving my job, and playing in the mountains all the time! I’m one blessed 27 year old! Thank you Jesus!

Thursday was filled with a long work day but when I got home Andrew had a ‘birthday map’ waiting for me. I got to choose from several different activities and restaurants which would lead us to the next option(s). It was a pretty cute way to take me out on the town. The favorite part of the evening was the D Bar. A little joint near City Park that specializes in desserts. Can’t think of a better way to end my 27th birthday evening.

Ashley & Laura, you have to come visit. The place is screaming your names!

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