I have a French friend. His name is Fred. I’ve known him and his family for over 10 years now! Coincidentally, he was in California with his girlfriend while we were there! It was a funny scramble getting a hold of my mom, his dad (in France), his foreign cell phone, my cellphone…..but it worked out and we got to spend a whole evening with them! It’s sad that i haven’t seen him in over 4 years (last time was when I went backpacking in Europe after school).

Also visitors to the house were Matt and Kindal who moved to southern California a little over a year ago. It was a full house so we stayed in made burgers and hung out.

Kindal. Nathan. Fred.

Me and my brothers (we’re obviously related b/c we all wore blue)

Kings of the kitchen
Terry and Nathan probably solving the world’s problems, or creating more.

Tanner’s new love and mine… Madeleine Grace

One thought on “Fredrico

  1. I had totally forgotten about FRED! I remember him visiting you back in the Edge days. 🙂 Also, did your brother have a baby? Whose baby is that! And can you email me the veggie lasagna recipe!??! Looked delicious! istillhatepickles at gmail dot com.


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