Duffy Boat

Mamma and Pappa gave us a wonderful gift…. a Duffy Boat ride!!!! What the heck is a Duffy Boat you ask? The most fun mode of transportation Newport Harbor has to offer for an evening cruise! You load up all your friends, brings booze + food and toot around the harbor. The evening was PERFECTLY clear, you could even see Saddleback Mountain from the harbor!

So, after our day of lounging around Huntington and the beach we loaded up on the Duffy. Andrew was kindly the DD and the rest of us sat back and enjoyed the huge houses, yachts, and Newport characters.

Hanging out on 8th street for coffee and convoSharkees for brunch on Main Street which means FREE mimosas for a whole hour!

Bachlorette watchers…… do you recognize the dude sitting down with the black shirt on? Yup, it’s Casey from last season (aka guard and protect your heart tattoo guy)

Life of the party

The boys… sitting really close to each other, all the time

Love my bubba….


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