My Mother-In-Law has been here for the past week. I know that for whatever reason (Hollywood most likely) this sounds like a bad thing. In my reality, this has been one of the most fun weeks all summer. (I’m not just saying that because I know she’ll read this). I’m serious! I have such a sweet, helpful, fun mother-in-law that I find myself begging her to stay….. a little too often. It’s probably getting creepy.

This mother-in-law fills your fridge, cooks your meals, cleans your house, loves on your dog, most always takes your side (hehe) and helps with your sales meetings. Even if she didn’t do all these things…….. the good conversation and wise perspective she brings to our home is refreshing and appreciated. Here are some pics from our adventures this week.

Wonderful cook, I think its rubbing off on Andrew 🙂

Dinner with Liz & her wonderful friend Vicky

Dessert at Salt in Boulder

Jazz In The Park Sunday Afternoon….. so nice

Andrew and his momma cooking dinner

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