Thursday night quickly became Friday morning and Huntington Beach was ours for the weekend! We started the day with a walk to the beach to watch the surfers, volleyballs players, and junior lifeguards do their thing.

Diana’s new boyfriend…. he has tattoos and she likes it.

Caroline and sweet baby Madeline came by to say hello! I was so happy to meet her……
Friday afternoon = Laura’s dream came true. Kayaking. All she wanted to do this trip was Kayak so we were quick to get this checked off the list. Luckily, for humor and price, there is such thing as a triple Kayak. Yes, a triple kayak. We tri-kayaked in Huntington Harbor all afternoon dreaming of living in huge harbor mansion and spending out days deciding between laying-out at the mansion or taking our huge yacht out to sea….. oh what a hard life we dreamed of.

Diana’s next home….. you better get on it girl!

When the wind and current picked up so we (mostly I) had had enough and thought it was time for happy hour. Aloha Grill called us in with $1 fish tacos (amazing fish tacos) and World Famous Rainbows. As the Rainbows kicked in it was getting a little harder to picture ourselves staying ‘out’. We headed to the beach for one last look before sunset and to take some pictures (i don’t think we will ever grow up).
Once the camera was tired of us, we walked back home (with a quick stop at Cold Stone of course) to spend the rest of the evening on the roof with wine, music and ice cream cookie sandwiches.


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