Balboa Island

Saturday morning we woke up for our breakfast date with Gram. She picked us up in her kickin’ blue PT Cruiser and drove us to the beach. We walked the pier to Rubys for a ‘must have’ breakfast.

After we got over the stuffed tired feeling, we packed up the bikes and started our day trip to Newport & Balboa. The ride was really nice, the weather perfect and the bikes were fine….. except for the ginormous cruiser that belongs to my dad…. a little hard to maneuver in the sea of beach cruisers, rollerbladers, runners, and clueless walkers but i guess it made for some extra entertainment.

We got to Balboa and took the ferry to the island for some lunch and shopping. In and out of the boutiques and art shops all afternoon long. We found a little boutique that had an amazing sale and we all bought something – Diana bought a dress (2 actually) – you are welcome Tina!

Oh Newport…. you never cease to amaze me.
SP Laura… good one!

The Balboa trip couldn’t end without a Balboa Bar! And of man was it worth it. Happy friends!

After the trek back through Newport to Huntington we went to Uncle Tom and Aunt Ginni’s for a cocktail and hang out. It was so fun for my dear friends to get to meet my wonderful family before we went to the beach for the sunset.

I had to stand in the middle to separate the twins…Our precious engineer…. literally shocked that she got wet when she was standing on the beach.

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