4th of July

I woke up Saturday morning in the Kajer mountain villa basement to the smell of coffee……. and Kona’s noes rubbing up my arm begging me to go outside and play. 4th of July in the mountains!

After coffee and breakfast with the Kajers we took a short hike from the backyard to Inspiration Point (PS – do you like the new blog photo?)

After some much needed lunch we headed into Ouray to watch the annual 4th of July Water Fight. You won’t believe this (because I didn’t) but the whole town and all its tourists gather in the center of the town to watch several crazy locals use fireman’s water hoses to spray down their opponents to win the battle.

After a round of water fights and getting sprayed plenty of times, we decided to hike up Cascade Falls to see what all the hype was about.

After the falls we still had about 6 hours until the fireworks started so we found ourselves in a little bar appropriately named The Mr. Grumpy Pants Bar (a name i routinely call Andrew when he is being less than pleasant….minus the words The and Bar). This place is jam packed with outdoorsy hiking gear decorations, funky clever phrases all over the walls, and an owner who plays the part oh-so-well. Since beer is all they sell, we went to grab a pizza across the way and hung out all afternoon until the late afternoon storms came in.

It was almost time for fireworks. These fireworks are like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I still think my dad and brother throw the best firework show… but I may have found a close 2nd. Since Ouray is nestled deep in a canyon the firework echo bounces off all walls. The fireworks were lovely but the sound they make echoing off the canyon walls can be felt under your feet. I will never forget this firework show.


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