Happy 3rd Anniversary!

WOW! It’s been 3 years since I told my dreamy hubby I DO on that raining May 27th evening 2007 in San Antonio. Due to….. life – we didn’t get around to celebrating this feat until this past weekend. The original plan was to take a weekend excursion to Wyoming for a backpacking trip Friday night followed by a romantic Saturday night exploring the quaint town of Saratoga and all it’s natural hot springs.

However, weather wasn’t exactly permitting any sort of outdoor fun this weekend so we made a last min switch to Vail, rented a sweet studio condo and turned our 3rd year celebration into a weekend of lounging around and dreaming of what year #4 will bring.

The trip started with a drive up I-70 into the most intense hail storm I have ever been in. Luckily when the golf balls started pelting the windshield we were right under the last overpass on I-70 before the foothills. We waited for the hail cloud to pass and then we were stuck in mountain traffic because the hail had piled up 6 inches on the road!

Once we arrived in Vail we checked into the condo and set out to explore Lionshead Village in the summer. We had a quick drink at our favorite Apres Ski joint, Mezzaluna, before cooking a romantic dinner in the condo.

Amazing condo (second one we got b/c first one was SO LOUD and hot – wow I am so high maintenance…)

Saturday morning was the only sunny weather we got this weekend so we made good of it by using our ski passes to get us up the mountain on the gondola. Once at the top, you can see mile and miles away and down the valley. We watched a storm come in from Grand Junction and decided once the wind picked up that it was time to head back to town.

We got our 2010-2011 ski passes printed!Storm a comin in

Vail has an Annual South Of The Border Festival in Lionshead that we happen to show up during! Homemade salsa and guacamole were the perfect addition to the day!

Andrew then took me on a tour of Vail’s multi-million dollar homes… by making run up and down the steep, never ending mountain roads UGH ……but it was gorgeous!

Instead of going out to a fancy dinner to celebrate our last 3 years we decided a homemade steak dinner would do the trick! Lovely weekend with my husband of 3 whole years! I love you baby and can’t wait for more adventures with you!!!!

Andrew made me take this picture so I will post it here….. ugh -it actually did turn out pretty cool Andrew, you were right this one time only 😉

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