Fourmile Falls

We are in Pagosa this weekend getting the house renter-ready and visiting Andrew’s parents and grandparents. Though the days have been filled with work one way or another… Andrew and I snuck away to the mountains Saturday afternoon for a little trail run.

Fourmile Falls, north of downtown Pagosa, is about a 4 mile hike in. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it but Andrew insisted we run…. yes run the mountain trail to get there. Andrew, who is in fantastic shape (b/c hes been working out for 30+ days in a row to complete P90X) didn’t skip a beat……. I on the other hand didn’t have it so easy.

Somehow I managed to run my out-of-shape tooshy all the way to the waterfall. Once you round the last corner of the trail the cliffs of Pagosa Peak are radiating in the sun as the Fourmile Falls echos across the valley.

Besides the whole ‘running 8 miles in the mountains’……. it was a wonderful hike.


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