Surfer Boys

So picture this….. two stunning young men, suited up in wet suits, carrying surf boards under one arm, ocean breeze at their face, their first rip curl just yards away. You can almost see what they are thinking…… i feel like a bad a**. They strut to the water for their first real surf. Mom and I watch in amazement as Tanner and Andrew throw their boards into the Pacific and swim out to sea catch a killer wave and surf in….. or so they thought it would be that easy. Turns out getting off the beach is the hardest part of surfing.

Here is the journey to the surf…….

Rainbows at Aloha Grill after a long, tiring, Surf-watching afternoon…. rough life.


2 thoughts on “Surfer Boys

  1. You and your mom laughing while the guys were trying to surf got me laughing. How fun! What sports! And what a beautiful place…gotta love sunny California.


  2. That was seriously hilarious. And my mom's right, the soundtrack of you and your mom busting a gut is the best part! Y'all are so supportive. So I'm dying to know…did they ever make it out there?


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