Huntington Beach

So…. crazy D and Randy made a really exciting purchase! Beach House in Huntington Beach, CA! Oh my lord – this is one of the prettiest houses I have ever seen! We went to visit the house for he first time this past weekend (for Tanner’s graduation party) and had a blast!

We got in Thursday night and had dinner at Dukes with Mom and Tanner before heading to Crazy D’s Casa (or whatever she decides to call it). Friday was a work day for me but that evening we built a bonfire on the beach with the family.

The boys went surfing Saturday while mom and I walked with Caroline, Ginni, Tom, and the puppies. We were all just waiting for Terry and Caroline’s baby to show her pretty little face (but of course she came the afternoon AFTER we left).

Sunday was a lazy day… walked the pier for brunch at Rudy’s (thanks Gram) and then hung around the house all day before Chronic Tacos and ice cream downtown. Great trip. Great house. Can’t wait for Dad to come next time!


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