Ryan & Laura

One of my dearest friends tied the knot this weekend. Ryan Keaton and I have been friends for about 10 years now. We met in high school and have been great friends ever since. Ryan is like a brother to me and to see him marry the women of his dreams this weekend is now a memory I will never forget.

We arrived in Atlanta late Friday night and drove in the rainstorm that would eventually take over the wedding day. After being ‘lost’ for about an hour we finally found Erin and Tanner at Children’s Harbor outside of Alexander City, AL. The wedding was held at the camp so everyone from out of town got their own cabin for the weekend. There were 4 cabins connected together and they all shared on huge porch overlooking the lake. GORGEOUS.

When we got settled in we found the groom who was partying with the bridal party at the cabin next door. We hung out for awhile, caught up with Bobby and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up to rain and it didn’t stop until late Saturday night! The Sullivans took us all out to eat at Catherine’s, a surprisingly upscale natural market in the middle of nowhere land Alabama. It wasn’t until after our meal that we drove around, toured a million dollar house and went to a mega boat show did I realize the elite of Alabama must vacation in Alexander City.

Super Fun Sullivans… yall should buy a boat!

The afternoon we had planned of water skiing, laying-out, hiking, and canoeing turned into driving around and hanging out on the porch thanks to the continuous line of Thunderstorms.

Hanging out on the porch all afternoon…..

The wedding came at 5:00 and although the skies hadn’t cleared, the wedding was still held at Church of The Pines. My pictures don’t do it justice. The rain was pouring and thankfully there were tons of service men dressed in uniform carrying umbrellas to escort the ladies through the downpour. We church was gorgeous and the rain somehow became a soothing, romantic part of the ceremony. Laura looked stunning and Ryan…. so happy. Everything went so smoothly even as Thunder clapped over the lake in front of us.

The reception was held back on camp in an all glass cabin over the lake. An open bar, great band, a miny high school reunion and a very happy Ryan made for a really fun party.

Cinco Ranch High School 2002!

I couldn’t be more happy for my friend and his new wife. Can’t wait until we own our neighboring lake houses! Guess you will have to move to Colorado first!


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