Ashley’s Going Away

Ugh……. she is about to depart the Denver Metro area 😦 She’s headed to Houston to be with her FIANCE!!!!! I am so excited for her and Steven but SOOOO sad for me, Andrew, and Kona. She’s not driving away from the Rockies until next week but we had a little gathering Saturday. We met at Ashley’s favorite winery (Spero) for an incredible FREE wine tasting followed by dinner and a live performance of Rent at Metro. I am going to miss Ashley living in Denver more than she even knows… Love you girl and can’t wait to see when I’m in Houston.

At Dinner: ParisiRent


One thought on “Ashley’s Going Away

  1. Loved the pics you posted of Ryan and Laura's wedding. Who is that old couple in front of the amazing boat? Andrew and Pat definitely were the cleverest people at the wedding, you and Tanner the sweetest (along with Dianne and the bride, of course) and Erin and I the talkiest (is that a word?). We loved hanging out with ya'll.


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