Mr. & Mrs. Pickering

This weekend finally came!!! My dear friend Noelle tied the knot in College Station Saturday. Michael and Noelle had a beautiful celebration with amazing friends and family. The weekend was filled with tons of love and laughter. It is so evident that God has proudly placed these two together and that they have the full support of their friends and family.

Rehearsal Dinner

This evening was a time of celebration of who Noelle and Michael were before they knew each other and who they are as a couple. The whole town of Lake Jackson came together to through a gorgeous rehearsal dinner. The consistent theme was “We couldn’t believe Michael had a girlfriend!” and “Noelle is such a treasure to be had.” Haha. There were many happy tears shed and the sweetest part I must say was when Micheal’s dad ended the night by singing to Noelle, “Somewhere In The World” by Wayne Watson.

Getting Ready

It was really nice that the wedding was at night because we had the entire day to relax and prepare. We started the day off with a Bridal Luncheon at the Reveille Inn (where Noelle and I used to work)! Kathy went all out and the decorations were just perfect. Tyne and I went with Noelle to get her hair fixed after brunch. On the way back we stopped by the Hilton to check on the progress. A sweet moment I won’t forget was Noelle’s first tears of the day because the Lake Jackson wedding crew had created her dream reception that morning. After a thousands thank you and tears were shared we went back to the Reveille Inn to get makeup on, dresses in place and pictures taken. The day flew but Noelle was so calm the whole time!

It’s Finally Here!

The rest o the evening simply flew by. She looked stunning…… Such an elegant bride. After the pictures we went to he church and had a really sweet time of prayer for The Pickering’s evening and marriage. The ceremony went so smoothly and the hosting pastor said “I don’t think I have ever seen such huge smiles from a wedding party in my life”. I see why: there was such a sweet happiness surround the whole event, it had to be contagious. God is so gracious and I am so thankful to have shared such a wonderful celebration with Noelle and Michael.

We wish you nothing but happiness and lots of babies! Love you both more than you know….

One thought on “Mr. & Mrs. Pickering

  1. Great pictures, Summer and a great account of the weekend. I really have rarely seen such a beautiful bride (beside you of course). Noelle looked SO graceful, elegant, strong, and naturally beautiful! I think it's just too wonderful that y'all stayed at the Inn.

    You look GREAT too! So in shape and that hair cut is so perfect on you.


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