Ironman came to Colorado this weekend. By Ironman I mean Josh Taylor, one of Andrew’s best friends from Eldorado. They were skiing buddies back in the day and were reunited on the slopes of Copper this weekend. Josh recently got married so I got to hang out with Lacey (who I now adore) and her two crazy friends.

They did it right: they rented a PIMP condo with slope side views!

View from the condo: not bad!

Saturday my girl came up! Ashely, Laura, and Melissa skied all day and then hung out for happy hour/dinner.

Thanks for letting us in on your ski weekend guys, it was unbelievably fun.


2 thoughts on “Ironman

  1. OK, I am starting to hate you. You got to meet Lacey AND you got to see Melissa!? I'm seeing now that I really SHOULD have moved to CO.

    (But for real, I loves you.)


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