Nassau, Bahamas

This was by far my favorite day. Waking up every morning docked at a new Bahamian island could never get old! Again, Andrew and I got up early to eat breakfast on the back deck as the morning clouds burned off and the sun came out (yeah more warm weather). The temperature was even better than the day before and we disembarked the ship with only one plan: find Atlantis. Again, no real plan in place we decided to walk all the way there. As it turns out, Nassau isn’t really the nicest nor safest of Bahamian towns but it sure was fun walking the streets and getting a feel for what real life probably looks like for most natives. When we crossed the enormous bridge to Paradise Island, I could have sworn I was in a different country than the 5 min before. Stretch limos, perfectly paved streets, Guchi handbags, stiletto heals, big floppy designer hats, flawlessly aligned palm trees and the nicest people you will ever meet all invaded the senses. We walked through shops and along the streets of Paradise Island until we found Atlantis. I really wanted to experience the resort because of on my parent’s recommendation and because of everything I have read and heard. It not only lived up to what I had envisioned, it far surpassed my expectations. Atlantis is a modern day wonder with gorgeous buildings, immaculate art work, world famous aquariums, gardens, beaches, water parks, hotels, casinos, marinas, restaurants, and more. It’s a village for the rich – where the not-so-rich-but-curious can come and see for themselves how to do a Bahamian vacation the most elaborate way.

We joined up with half our group for an afternoon on the public beach of Paradise Island. The water was gorgeous and we had a blast relaxing, people watching, grabbing lunch at a local beach hut, and soaking up the rays. When the clouds rolled in and cooled things down we took another stroll through the Atlantis and somehow snuck into the pool and beach area without a day pass. It was nice viewing all the fish and getting a closer look at the property.

We somehow convinced a few in the group to walk all the way back to the boat with us instead of taking a taxi. Once we were back in downtown Nassau Andrew and I wanted more island time so we went to a local bar to enjoy happy hour as the sun set.

As with every night – it was really fun to meet back up with the whole group for dinner and story sharing. Nathan, Sarah, Tim, Ryan, and Lacy went on a snorkeling excursion and had MANY stories to tell while we shared all about our beach day and Atlantis. Saturday night was my latest night with slot machines (my $10 was gone in about 8 seconds) Karaoke (Nathan only), fruity beverages, dancing and walking on the way-too-windy top deck with Ashley. The wind really started to pick up Saturday night….. it was a little much after a glass of wine.


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