Fun Day At Sea

I woke up WAY TO EARLY Sunday morning. My plan all week was to sleep-in Sunday because it was a planned “Fun Day At Sea”. My plan didn’t come to fruition because the wind and waves were making the ship rock like Elvis all night and into the morning. The little cabin we slept in was not nearly enough space to feel ok so Andrew and I raced to the top of the ship to get food and try to calm our stomachs. We weren’t doing so well inside so we went to the hot tubs in the back of the ship to get some fresh air and warmth. The crew members were passing out barf-bags to everyone in the lounge chairs because the rocking was so bad… joke. Finally we saw the shore fast approaching and the waves calmed down significantly. Up until that morning I was pro-cruise ships so I am glad the severe rocking stopped or my last day at sea would be memorable in a not-so-good way. The Fun Day At Sea was spent laying on the Serenity deck (Adults only), eating, reading, and chatting with everyone in our group throughout the day.

I did manage to catch the sunset on this last day at sea and it was glorious. A perfect cool breeze, gorgeous sunset, amazing husband and wonderful friends…. life is good on vacation!

We all got pretty tired in the sun but dinner was once again… a blast. We ate, laughed, and went to a very odd piano bar. Great last night!


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