There was a theme on the trip – little planning and not much paying attention. This was perhaps the reason the boat called “will the last 22 people please exit the ship” just as the last of our group was disembarking.

We all had a huge gap between when the boat docked to when our flights took off so we went to the beach in Jacksonville. It felt good to run around and enjoy Florida a little before we left. Mike and Thean and Liz showed up just as the first half of the group left for the airport.

Yes, we did group Yoga on the beach…


When they left, Mike (originally from Jacksonville) drive us down the coast to St. Augustine. News to me, this is the oldest city in the New World. Christopher Columbus founded St Augustine in 1566 and the Spanish fought for years to keep this territory theirs. We ate at a lovely little Greek restaurant and then toured the Castillo de San Marcos to learn more about the history of this town. It was a really nice afternoon and great way to end an incredible trip.

It was amazing…. the walls were made out of sea shells.

Thanks friends for a blast of a cruise!


One thought on “Florida

  1. I didn't know y'all went on a cruise!? WTH! So fun. I'm envious. Well, not really, because I am NOT in bikini shape. But, I look forward to our someday couples vacay 🙂 Now that I will have a more open schedule, we should at LEAST be able to fit in a girls trip. Me and you take on the Grand Canyon??? Or, ya know, Turks and Cacos or something.


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