It all started in Cabo about 6 months ago when Andrew and I took a last min trip and dreamed the whole time about vacations with our friends. The idea spread and from Nathan picking up cruise brochures to Jeff getting on the phone and booking it…. we took our first cruise ever!

Twelve rock stars friends traveled to the Bahamas on a Carnival ship called… Fascination. The trip was from Jacksonville, FL to Freeport, Bahamas to Nassau, Bahamas and back.

We started with late night flights to Jacksonville (Andrew, Nathan, Jeff and I). We met up with Lacy, Sarah, and Ryan on the connecting flight from DFW to Jacksonville (surprisingly) where Nathan introduced himself to Sarah by buying her a drink that she refused (had to put the memory in there guys – sorry).

When we got to the hotel late late Wednesday night Tim and Lori were waiting for us!

The next morning was freezing. The wind was cold and unforgiving – this wasn’t very welcomed but 12 soon-to-be cruisers. We flagged down a van to take us to the ship and when we got there the Fascination towered over us as we got in line to check in. The excitement in the port was contagious even though everyone was bundled up with cruise-wear underneath their coats. Once onboard, it was a neat moment to wander around with the other new cruisers staring at the early 90s décor in amazement while exploring our home for the next 4 days. We got our barring pretty early on and made plans for the days and nights to come. Liz and Thean (who flew in that morning) had already found their way to the pool by the time we had our first all you can eat buffet. There were 3 different meals to choose from so as we all expected….. Ashley was a flustered mess of happiness right from the start.

Of course the first thing our group of Coloradoans did (after eating of course) was enjoy the Florida sunset via hot tub on the back of the boat as we sailed away from Jacksonville. The cocktail drinking began then and didn’t really end until Monday afternoon.

Late dinning (8:15pm in the Imagination dinning room) allowed for plenty of time to hot tub, get ready, and plan for the evening. The whole trip went really well because with such a big group – we were able to split up during the day and spend it whoever we wanted, then meet back up for dinner for some group hang out.

Dinners on cruise ships are amazing. They wait on you hand and foot; deliver whatever food and drink you want all while making you feel like royalty.

It was Nathan & Sarah’s birthday!

We spent the evening in The Palace, watching a mediocre show and then the rest of the night dancing. Turns out we have quit a few dancing queens in the group – it was hilarious and a blast.

The feeling of floating on water through dinner, dancing, and sleep is something I could get very used to.


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