Noelle’s Bachelorette Party Extravaganza

Last weekend, I flew to Houston Hobby – drove half way home (to lake Texoma in Oklahoma) and then back to Dallas to fly back to Denver… all in the name of love, for Noelle. It’s happening in 3 weeks from last Saturday. Her dearest freinds couldn’t be more happy for Noelle and excited for Michael. We threw her the ladies weekend of the year!

It started when I got in Houston and NoNo picked me up to grab lunch and go to the florist. We then drove (accidentally) to College Station to pick Tyne up. What a fun ride to Dallas!

The next morning we woke up, ran errands, and then joined the other bridesmaids to caravan to Lake Texoma. The lake house we stayed in (thanks Amy) was absolutely GORGEOUS.

We took the mule to the beach and took turns driving around. Back to the house for pedicures, an amazing dinner (thanks Katie and Christine), and a really fun lingerie shower!
I am glad we ended up blurry here…. no clue what we were doing.

The next morning Tyne cooked sweet potatoe pancakes to start the day. We packed up and went to Christine’s house for Noelle’s bridal shower. Christine & Co did a WONDERFUL job putting together this very special day!

CAN’T WAIT FOR MARCH 13th!!!!!!!!!!!


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