Valetine’s Get Away

That’s it, time to make a confession………..I Have Fallen In Love. With my dear husband of course BUT my new love often goes by the name “Ski Town USA” or “The Boat”. Steamboat Springs has stolen my heart and I can only hope to spend as much time as possible with my new love.

A sweet Valentine’s getaway was eagerly welcomed this year. We have a few more days left on our ski pass for Steamboat so it made the most sense to load up the car and head to the mountains after work Saturday afternoon. It took a grueling 5 hours to make the (normally) 3 hour drive to the promise land due to high traffic and road conditions.

We arrived late Saturday night just as the snow started to fall in the valley. We hit the hottub first thing to enjoy thick snowfall on the cold night.

Sunday I was awoken by a 5 year old little boy overly excited to get his snow gear on and go outside to play in the fresh snow… i mean my husband. The Boat got about a foot of snow the few days before so the powder was AMAZING. We were among the first to cut tracks in the snow Sunday morning before the President’s Day crowd joined us. I LOVE early morning skiing when the powder is so fresh.

Andrew took me on all sorts of runs that were way above my expertise but I really think I got better in one day! Jesse and Amalia came up Sunday afternoon to ski with us – great way to end the ski day.

Monday morning was split between computer work and play. We drove around town dreaming of home ownership in the mountains (common dream for us) and found a great place to park and take The Mutt for a hike. The views were amazing and Kona sure had a blast.

Andrew made Monday night dinner reservations at Giovanni’s, a quaint little Italian restaurant hidden down 10th street in downtown. An older man play jazz music in the corner and our 4 hour dinner was filled with great conversation, dreaming, and thankfulness.


2 thoughts on “Valetine’s Get Away

  1. You guys are still SO in love and it shows! That picture of Kona is awesome! She looks like one of those cute 'big nose' stuffed dogs. Do you know what I'm talking about?


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