Man Cave

We had a little super bowl gathering and the boys turned my bright sunny living room into a man cave. I will admit… pretty impressive. They hooked up a projector screen which shins onto a large blank wall we have, nailed a sheet up to cover out huge window, and turned up the sound.

The room transformation is neat and all but what was most impressive was their cooking. Jeff and Andrew spent hours preparing 3 different kinds of home made salsa Saturday that made the whole house smell like Chipotle. Then, Sunday before the game they started on the buffalo wings with 3 different types of sauce. Thean ended up being the real wing master.

And of course, no party would be complete without Ashley’s desserts and the Wii. Tres Leche wrapped up out pig out fest 2010. Delicious.

Followed by the battle of the fiances!

Really fun Superbowl party. Go Saints!


One thought on “Man Cave

  1. Y'all are so into Wii! I've never even played it 😦 Jason made us some of his salsa recently. It's so good, but it's the cooked kind. Some of Andrew's fresh salsa sounds sooo good right now! Remember how good Brian Land's homemade salsa was as well?


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