Winter Park Weekend

We have established a key goals for 2010: Make the most of it.

Alright, a little lame I know. BUT two of our bestest friends, Jeff & Ashley will be picking up and moving back to the Lone Star State in the next few months to be with their respective significant others. While Andrew, myself and all our dear Colorado friends couldn’t be happier for them – we are deeply dreading their departure. Colorado won’t be the same with out these two.

…It all started last week when Jeff (who lives with us) told his boss he was leaving within the next few months. When I came home late from work that night, I found Andrew and Jeff listening to OAR sipping on a bottle of Scotch.

I jumped in and we made a plan: We HAVE to make the most of the few months we have all together in the same town.

All this to say, we will be taking as many weekend trips as possible, holding weekly ‘family’ dinners, etc. We started this weekend with a trip to Winter Park. Andrew, Nathan, and Ashley woke up really early Saturday to hit the slopes. I joined them after work Saturday night for dinner and drinks at a local Winter Park pub – to watch the X Games of course.

We stayed at Winter Park Mountain Lodge because it has everything: hot tub, sauna, brewery, restaurant, and CHEAP hotel rooms with incredible mountain views. We all crammed in a room and woke up to sunny winter morning.

After a late Sunday morning buffet, we hit the slopes just as the snow started to fall. Winter Park was surprisingly fun although they haven’t gotten much snow love in the last few weeks.

The day of snow filled skiing ended with a trip back to the hot tub at Mountain Lodge and the long await (by Ashley) sandwich from Rudi’s Deli.

It’s going to be a good few months… I can feel it.


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