Home Sweet Home

There is something magical about traveling to Houston…. can’t quit put my finger on it.

Is it the humid, sticky, overcast weather? No, that’s not it.
Is it the flat flat uneventful scenery? Naw, that can’t be it either.
It must be the crowded freeways and grocery stores! Nope, not the reason.

Houston is home…… and therefore I love it. The moment the plane doors open and the humidity practically knocks me over- its home. As soon as we get on the freeway and every car (and huge a** truck) that flys by is brand new, nice and shiny – it’s home. When we travel down the freeway and I play “what new stores have popped up in Katy” – it’s home.

Mostly, when we pull onto Hollingers Island and the house is decorated to the nines, mom’s in the kitchen cooking, grandpas watching football an Tanner is playing with Marlie – it’s home. Here aresome pre-Christmas day shots.

Andrew & Grandpa Sharing some Johnny Walker Blue

I wish this wasn’t normal….. Tanner trying on my clothes. Mmmm.

Awwww It was so refreshing to see Mike and Lindsey before they head on Honeymoon #2. We LOVE you guys and REALLY hope we get to see you on a more regular basis….

Tanner LOVED my Gluten Free Cookies… Didn’t You?


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