My NoNo is getting married!!!!! I went to Houston this past weekend to hang out with the bride-to-be and “help” with the wedding planning. Although we did little planning and a lot of playing, it was a blast!

I started in Katy with the rents. Mamma made an INCREDIBLE vegan soup in honor of my weird eating habits (kinda). It was delicious and such a breath of fresh air to see them! We ate lunch with Noelle the next day before we went to Mac in the galleria to get her make up done (trial).

It was after we trudged through Houston traffic and made it saftely to Lake Jackson, TX that I finally got to meet the famous Kathy & Greg Pickering (Michael’s parents). WHAT WONDERFUL PEOPLE! I so enjoyed getting to know them, their friends, their family, and their town. They made us a lovely dinner! I then got to go see what Ms. N’s classroom looks like. Super nice school and of course the classroom was Noelleified. Loved it!

Saturday was an A&M day! I haven’t been back to A&M since graduation and certainly haven’t been to a football game since senior year! It was about time I made the trip to A&M and since Lake Jackson loves A&M, this was the opportune time. We loaded up the car Saturday morning despite the rainy cold and headed to CS. It was wonderful grabbing coffee at Sweet Eugene’s, visiting our old house, seeing friends & family (L-rod was randomly in town!!!), peeking in the windows of the church where Noelle will wed, tailgating, and finishing the day with Blue Baker.

403 Francis…..It will never be the same without us.

When game time finally came, the winds picked up and rain started to pour so I decided to go with Tanner and check out his house (but mostly I wanted to see my neice dog, Marlie). I met Meredith (T’s gf) and loved her. It was a blast hanging out with Tanner for the short time I did.

All in all, it was a blast of a trip. Can’t wait for the big day NONO!!!!


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