San Diego To DC

My cousin Wayne, his Wife Tara, their 4 kids Colin, Liam, twins Kate & McKenna, au pair Jenny, and dog Dawson drove through Denver (on their way to new home in DC) and stayed with us for two nights. It was a blast hanging out with the Andrews gang. The girls are adorable little tobbeling walkers and the boys are growing up so fast, into new things, and fun to play with!

They got here safe and sound late Thursday night after a million hour drive through the mountains. Poor Tara was white knuckled when she finally got out of the car. I think those windy pitch black mountain roads must have gotten the best of her. (I should have warned her!)

Friday we woke up super early (thank you twins 😉 and made pancakes and eggs. Liam, Jenny, and I went on a walk to see the prairie dogs and ducks. We then watched as Liam played tag with Kona and Dawson for what felt like hours…. hilarious!

The Andrews loaded up the car soon after to head to Denver for park playing and mall walking.

When they got back, Liam took a 1.5 hour bath…. amazing. He managed to use up ALL the bath paint I gave him in ONE bath!

Saturday was a blast for Andrew and I. We took all 4 kids (with the much appreciated help of Jenny) to a park in the neighborhood. Liam and Colin took turns walking Kona, we played freeze tag, raced around the park, and had a blast. The girls hung out watching big brothers play.

It was such a joy to hang out with Wayne & his family. We love them and hope to see them soon. Best of luck in DC Andrews!

Conclusion (for my mom): Not totally freaked out by kids so don’t worry. We’re just glad they don’t all come at once!


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