Snow Day Continued

This morning I woke up at 530 to leave before 630 to get to my meeting 45 miles away by 9:00. That’s usually how long it takes to get that far when the snow is bad. 5:30 is early for me these days because I usually work late into the night and try to start a little later in the day. I was about to leave when I got a text from Steve (my boss) canceling the meeting. Oh I was thrilled! Not only was I glad not to have to fumble out into the icey roads, I am trying to shake a cold. So I slept a few more hours before Kona and Andrew woke me up to go play in the snow.

It’s amazing. I don’t think we’ve seen a snow storm in Denver this large since we moved here. AND… it keeps falling! I think it should be over by tonight. Happy snow shoveling to us!


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