First Big Snow

It’s said that Halloween in Colorado is always welcomed by a huge snow storm for kids to trample out in for trick-or-treating. This year, the big storm came a few days early. It’s here and it’s not stopping. It’s been snowing continuously since 7pm last night. Besides my 2 hour trek to south Denver this morning, I love every second of this storm.

Kona Bean LOVES the snow. She’s been sitting by the door crying since last night in hope of someone taking her out to play in it.

View out my office window

The first BIG snow storm of the year is a highly anticipated event around here. It’s SO exciting to watch the weathermen freak out, smell Greeley’s cow fields a few hours before the snow begins to fall, watch the sky turn a gorgeous pearl gray, and then sit inside cozied up by the fire and watch it pore. All the while, dreaming of the ski slopes. This season is going to be a hit!


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