Steamboat Springs

About 2 years ago, I won the bid for a vacation on . We won a 7 day stay at any time share around the world owned by VCI for extremely cheap. It took us until last April to finally make the reservation for Steamboat, CO. This was all before I got a full time job so a week away, at that time was no big deal to take off for a week. But, life happens (you get jobs) so we enjoyed a weekend trip.

Jeff’s girlfriend Lori was in town this weekend so we invited them along for the ride. We really had so much with those two.

Painfully awkward couple… These are their ‘gifts’ to each other.

Jeff always follows the rules

When we woke up Sunday morning, Andrew and I went for a run up the ski lift. I will much more enjoy skiing down the mountain in the winter than I did running up it. It was however gorgeous! After we ran back down the mountain to got some coffee, we woke Lori and Jeff and headed to Downtown Steamboat. A gorgeous little mountain town with great shopping and food. We ate brunch at the Rio on a rooftop patio.

The aspen trees are changing into their fall colors which made for a breathtaking drive through the mountains and wonderful pictures.


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