Darius Rucker

Pat Green concert last night with our sweet friends Trent and Kari at Red Rocks! Trent is from the great state of Texas and enjoys good ‘ole Texas Country just as much as we do (don’t worry….he’s even convinced Michigan native Kari that it’s the best music on the planet). For theses reasons we all drove up to Red Rocks for an Annual Country Feast. Andrew and I got there early so we took a short hike to watch the cars flood into the parking lot. Once Trent and Kari showed up, we met up with them to play some Corn Hole with some random couples in the parking lot.

The concert was amazing. Eli Young, Jack Ingram, Pat Green, and headliner Darius Rucker. Of course the first four acts tickled our fancy. Pat Green was amazing in the Red Rocks arena along with the other Texas Country favs.

Darius Rucker got on stage and surprised all us Texas Folk. For those of you who don’t know, Darius was the lead singer from Hootie and The Blowfish. We went to this particular concert for Pat Green & Co but we stayed to see what this Pop Star-turned-Country Singer was all about. Turns out… AMAZING. He of course pulled out some Hootie favorites but his own country stuff is really great. The night was a blast! Thanks for the invite Trent & Kari!


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