Reason We Moved To Denver #45: Extraordinary Weekend Getaways

The Rocky Mountains are our playground and we take full advantage. Our weekend getaway this time included midnight 4x4ing, 14ner climbing, rain, snow, Aspen, steak dinner, hot tubing, and a nice hotel. Too many of our favorite things.

It all started Friday morning when decided to take off for the weekend (in typical last min fashion). We decided on Aspen because Andrew got a very nice gift card to Ruths Chris from a client (and the only one in Colorado happens to be in Aspen – rough huh?). We packed up the car Friday after work and drove to find some hidden Hot Springs but once we arrived at the trail head it was obvious that dogs were not permitted which put quit a hindrance on our plans. No worries though because Andrew had a Plan B. We set out to Castle Peak (14ner). I was terrified 4x4ing in the dark. Andrew is an excellent driver which calmed my nerves a little and when we finally parked the stars were amazing and the mountain breeze cool. We slept in the car so we could wake up right next to the trail head. When we woke up I realized Andrew had taken us up to 12,200ft (which is well above tree line) on the side of a mountain. It was a little scary but I must say a great view to wake up to!

This is where the car ended up after 4x4ing the night before…

The hike was amazing. We met some really great people along the way and when we finally hit the top…. the view was breathtaking. Maroon Bells on one side, Crested Butte on another and still Aspen from a different side. Then, on the way down it started to snow on us!

When the 4 hour hike was complete we drove down the mountain and into Aspen. We stayed at the Aspen Hotel right on Main Street. Although our ambitions for our afternoon in Aspen were high, reality was….. we napped until dinner! Ruths Chris, several hours later, was wonderful. We were able to sit on the patio and listen to live music while enjoying the most amazing dinner. We love people watching in Aspen and when at a fancy restaurant like this, you can imagine what we observed!

The walk back to our hotel turned out to be a highlight of the weekend. When we were about 50 yards from our first-story room, a lady from the second story started shouting at us through the screened in window. Once we realized she was talking to us, we processed that she was telling us a black bear was in the tree right above our heads! We ran for our front door and watched this bear in the Crab Apple Tree outside our room feast for 5 min, then crawl down the tree and walk off into the night. (This was a dream come true for me because I have always wanted to see a real bear in the wild.) The bear was huge and the event was unforgettable!

(I tried so hard to snap a pic of the bear but it was just too dark and I didn’t want to get too close!)

Sunday we relaxed. We walked the streets of Aspen, let Kona play in the park with the other dogs and people watched with coffee in our hands the whole time. The drive home was memorable as well. We took our time and made several stops to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Thank you Lord for your gorgeous creation and such an adventurous hubby!


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