Bachlorette Parties Are Fun

especially with Erin Sully as the bachlorette…..

This past weekend Erin’s Bachlorette Party took place in New Braunfels, TX, at the river house. It was a BLAST. Erin is a funny chic in general, so when she was surrounded by her best friends and has the excuse of Bride-To-Be, she was out-of-control hilarious. We did all sorts of amazing Texas summertime things to celebrate her last days of freedom. We ate at the Gristmill, packed a cooler and took a float down the Guadalupe, went to a concert at the River Road Ice House, made margs + fajitas, and basked in the Texas sun. Erin was a trooper and made the whole party a blast for everyone. Thanks again to Michaeline for all the hard work and creativity you put into planning the party!

Gorgeous Sullivan Girls
She did everything we dared her to! Gotta love this pic!?!?!

After a Long Day of Floating and Drinking…

Watching Wade Bowen at River Road Ice House

She hit the pinata 2,000 times and didn’t get anywhere.

The only way she could show her dominance was to step on Michaeline with the pinata….. we were all very scared of her after that.

One more month to go until Mrs. Haynes!


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