Mt. Bierstadt

We bagged another 14er today (as Andrew loves to say). We took Jordan and Jeff to Bierstadt Mountain to climb their first 14er. The hike is known for it’s beginner level which explains why there were approximately 6 million people climbing the same mountain as us this morning. The hike began a little rough just as they all do because your body is freaking out as it grasps for more air (that isn’t available). The weather looks amazing in the pics but it in reality – it was FREEZING cold and windy all the way up, which we didn’t expect – ugh. All-in-all this hike was by far the easiest 14er we’ve done to date. Jeff and Jordan did phenomenally on this gorgeous day hiking this very tall mountain. Well done team!

Almost to the top and Kona is still running around like she did the second we got out of the car! I swear she is a super dog – NEVER gets tired.

We stopping in Georgetown after the 4 hour hike to gorge ourselves with mediocre mountain food and delicious ice cream! Please agree with me that Jeff looks like a very tall, happy 6 year old?


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