Mi Casa

The cloudy morning yesterday was welcomed with open arms by the Andersons. We are sunburned so the shade was a nice change. We read by the pool for a little bit before heading to the volleyball court with our new Canadian friends (Adrian and Beth). We played 2 on 2 for a few hours until it got too hot to keep going. They were a great match and super cool to hang out with. We grabbed pool drinks with them after the games.
Once the sun came out we headed to the town of Cabo San Lucas to see what it was like. We ate at this famous (for tourist) restaurant in town, Mi Casa. They by far had the best margaritas we’ve had since we got here. It was a quaint little restaurant half inside half outside and there was no one there during our meal. We loved having the place to ourselves and very much enjoyed the fish tacos, margs, and homemade mango ice cream.

We tried to walk around town a little after that but the afternoon heat mixed with the alcohol lead us back to the hotel for a siesta before dinner. Our last night. We had reservation at the Resort’s Steak House. Food was mediocre but the entertaining waiters and scenery was amazing.


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