Resort Life

First day in Cabo…. heavenly. It was a complete day of resort life. We took advantage of everything the Los Cabos RIU Santa Fe has to offer. We woke up to an all inclusive buffet for breakfast (Andrew is so happy because he can eat all the meat he wants to here!) We started taking advantage of the free drinks around 10:00 with Bloody Marys. The beach was next where our first game of volleyball took place. All Andrew wants to accomplish on this trip is beach volleyball domination. He thinks he’s already there. While playing volleyball, we met a group of ’06 Aggie who live in Dallas! We did go swimming for a while to cool off from volleyball; the water was super warm and refreshing! The tide is so powerful! The waves are medium sized but oh so strong. Andrew had a blast rolling around in the waves. I had fun too to but tended to stayed waist deep.
The rest of the day we lounged around in the bar pool (new to both of us) We drank sweet sugary drinks all day, met new people, and read. It has been the perfect first day of vacation.

Tomorrow: Lover’s Island!


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