I Am So NOT First Class

I am in Cabo, Mexico right now :). We booked our trip here at 10pm Thursday evening and left 2:00pm Friday. (By the way… there are SUPER great deals last min). We got to the airport, not entirely sure about weather or not we would have a legitimate flight to Mexico. Thanks to Expedia, we did get on a flight but our seats weren’t together. To solve the problem, I went to talk to the clerk. He informed me the flight was full and there was nothing he could do.

He then said, “Besides, if I moved your seat, you would lose your first class seat”
Me “EXCUSE ME?!?!?!”
Him “Yes, if i sat you two together, you would not be in first class anymore”
I think the whole terminal heard me.

Woah, I am so not first class material. I practically skipped back to Andrew to tell him the good news. I couldn’t stop smiling after that and found myself almost more excited about the flight than I was the vacation. Ahhh….the free drinks, the meal, the leg room, the big comfy seat…… I told myself to play it cool, pretend like you belong, like you are used to sitting in first class. When I handed my ticket to the lady at the gate my smile was ear to ear giddy (but trying really hard not to), it felt like I was sneaking on. Once on the plane, I still couldn’t act my age. I kept thinking, “all these people paid for these tickets and I just booked my last night for practically nothing!” I got out a book as fast as I could to act like everyone else in first class was acting, but really I just wanted to smile at everyone coming on board after me. I think Andrew was glad we weren’t sitting next to each other.

I am pretty sure it was an amazing experience. Too bad I got so worked up about the whole first class ticket experience that I fell asleep before the plane took off and missed the whole ride!


2 thoughts on “I Am So NOT First Class

  1. Hahaha. You are cracking me up. I can so picture you. You're like me trying on my ring in the jewelry store: “WHOA! I look like a rich lady…. ummm, but I don't act like one.”


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