That Was Close

Husband Alive – Check.
Puppy Dog Alive – Check.

Andrew came home last night from a bike ride with Kona Bean. It wasn’t the usual sweaty hubby and worn out dog that walked through the door though. It was a raging mad, bloody hubby and a tired skittish puppy dog. Kona is, for the most part, the best walking, running, biking, hiking partner. She usually listens, stays real close, and loves every second. Yesterday, as I gather, was different. The temptation of chasing a prairie dog got the best of her so she ran in front of Andrew’s bike after the little booger, while on the leash. I really hope she caught whatever it is she wanted so there was some satisfaction in her day because once Andrew got up from his chest first (20mph) dive into the gravel…… I don’t think her day went very well.

It’s been a mess trying to clean him up but I’m thankful that somehow she didn’t kill him and somehow he didn’t kill her.


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