Blue Lakes

Can you believe it? Our first camping trip of the summer wasn’t until June 27th! We have lofty goals this summer including several camping trip, hikes, backpacking trips, bike rides, etc and we’re just now getting started! I blame the weather. It has been raining here EVERYDAY since late May. This weekend was perfect however so we, along with a few friends, packed up and went to Breckenridge for some camping. We left late Saturday afternoon and got home around the same time Sunday. It was a quick trip but packed full of memories and laughs.

Our Campsite. So perfect. No one else in sight.

I don’t know what Jordan is doing here but I like it.

Singing, S’more’in, Laughing, Talking… Life is good

Good Morning Rocky Mountains!

Our Hike around the Monte Cristo Creek Lake Begins!

They threw rocks off cliffs the whole time. Boys.

Kona’s Boyfriend Buddy (Steven’s Dog). Or her twin. Not sure yet.

Absolutely Gorgeous


Great ending to a great trip!


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