Sunday Fun Day

Last Sunday the weather finally allowed for some yard time. Our friend Jordan, who is living with us at the moment, is a professional carpenter to say the least. Since we have him around, we force him to help us with our house projects (kidding…kind of). He is amazing and has already helped us check off some items on the never ending list we have going. This past weekend: dog run. Since Andrew now has the grass back yard of his dreams, he is tired of Kona’s bathroom breaks ruining its perfection. They put up the fence in half a day! It was amazing. It looks great and hopefully will be fully functional soon (still needs to be painted which I’m sure is my job) Kona did manage to tear through the fence already since it wasn’t completely secure when I first locked her in. But, we plan to get it completely wrapped up this weekend.

Finishing Up

While the boys were fence creating, I was flower planting. Jordan gave me these really cool flower boxes from one of his job sights that I stained and planted flowers in. I love them!


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