Thank you Daddy

I have realized so many things as I have grown up that I am thankful for. I have two amazing parents who love me tremendously well and always will. I have learned so much from them over my lifetime, but the most prevalent at the moment are the little lessons they teach me as I get older that actually stem from years ago.

This message goes out to my dad today. There is a love from a dad that is like nothing else. Conventional wisdom always points to the importance of a fathers love for his daughter. Its evident all over the place that when this relationship is solid, it’s easier for a girl to develop as a strong, confident women. I feel so thankful that my dad took so much time and energy to poor into me when I was growing up. The list of lessons taught or great moments had could go on forever but there are two small things I have been thinking about a ton lately.

Tools & Taxes

Wow you must think. To limit all the things I learned from him into two bullet points is wierd. But, the most recent ‘thank you Dad’ moments I have had entail these two. Andrew and I have seemed to make remodeling a hobby and I couldn’t do any of it without the small moments Dad and I spend in the garage together. It’s the basics really, like knowing how to operate the power tools, understanding the difference between equipment, and being able to successfully install baseboards and sinks, paint, put together shelving units, landscape….. that make me proud of myself. Thanks Dad for letting me always be your little helper in the garage. I am sure it was annoying much of the time and actually counterproductive when you were working on a master piece. But here I am today willing and able to use those skills for good, productive work. I know Andrew is thankful 🙂

The second is taxes. This year I was in charge of taxes for the Anderson household because I have much more time on my hands than Andrew. My dad does the finances for the Stafford household every year and though I remember those tax days never being pleasant around our house, I realize now the work he was putting into it. There is so much to know and understand and I am thankful he knew how and showed such effort for taking care of his family financially. I definitely took that for granted but now realize the time and effort and knowledge it takes to run a household as well as he did (and still does).

I love you Dad and I am constantly thankful for you in my life even in the small things I do day to day. Happy Father Day.


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